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Home services we offer are listed below. Click the little + icon to get more info on each service. If there is something you are looking to do, but don’t see it here, please shoot us an email (There is a good chance we can do it!)
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Phone Repair - Contact Us
Screen cracks, weird bulges, or headphones not working? We can fix all of this and more! *Note: Due to the fact that each phone is unique with unique parts and labor costs, you will need to personally email us to get a quote for your repair
Computer Repair - $60
We can repair your computer as if it just came out of the box. No matter what the damage, we’ll take a look!
Remote Support - $35
One of our advanced technicians will connect to your PC (with your consent) over the internet to assist you with PC issues
Virus and Malware Removal - $80
If your PC is running slow or ads are popping up randomly, you most likely have a virus. We can also assist with Ransomware, like the dreaded WananCry and Cryptolocker.
Tune Up - $90
Is your PC running slow? Does it sound like a fighter jet taking off when you turn it on? Does your PC look like something out of an Egyptian crypt? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this service is for you! We will physically clean your PC to remove dust, dirt, and grime. We will then give the software an advanced checkup and remove junk.
Data Transfer/Backup - $130
Want to move data to a new PC or make a backup for safe measures? Then this is the service you need!
Training - $30/Hour
Is there a piece of software or a task you really want to master but can’t? We can help! Any of our experienced technicians can train you in any computer function or software you want to learn (Microsoft Office, iPhoto, Google apps, etc).
Custom PC's - Contact Us

Please contact us as pricing varries wildly!