Backup Solutions

Every company needs backups! They are a lot like a plunger, its something you want to have way before you actually need it. Don’t lose all the data you worked so hard to acquire. At Bene IT we can provide you with 2 different choices for backups, read below for more info.
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Cloud Backup

For cloud based backups, we can provide you with a Backblaze account. Industry leaders in storing data, they can keep your data backed up and secured in the cloud. If you ever have to restore files, you can download them, or get a flash drive with the files shipped to your business. Some of the other features:
  • Encryption support to add another layer of security to your data
  • Store multiple versions of files so you can roll back to an earlier version of a file
  • Schedule backups so they don’t interrupt your work
  • Bene IT or you, the customer, can be notified of backup status to spot issues
  • Set speed limits to lessen impact on your PC and Network

On Site Backup

If you want on site backups, we can set you up with a Datto device. A Datto is a device that sits on your network and receives backups from your computers and servers. It can also backup that data to Datto’s cloud. This prevents data loss if something happens to your physical business. Some of its features are:
  • A physical device on your network, so speeds are much faster than through the internet
  • If a critical server fails, the Datto can launch a virtual version of that server to keep your business running
  • Automatic verification of backups to ensure they are correct
  • File Sharing built right into the Datto Device
  • Compare backups to see what has been created and deleted